Loyal Blue


Loyal Blue…

For those whose passion is incomparable, with unwavering commitment and die-hard devotion.

Where bleeding blue isn’t just something you say, it’s something you do.

Where the Magic transcends the boundaries of your home, work and play.

From those who’ve been a part of the team for years to the newest members of our family, you belong to a powerful group who genuinely believes in Magic. Your collective spirit is what energizes our team and drives us to do better, to give more in the pursuit of a Championship.

For your dedication, you’ve earned exclusive access to experience the Magic like no other fan.

You deserve rewards and recognition for your loyalty and commitment.

Loyal Blue celebrates your allegiance and offers everything to fully experience Pure Magic. 



Whether it’s attending a postgame press conference, high-fiving the players on the court, or enjoying a reception to hear from Basketball personnel, Loyal Blue members enjoy special access and exclusive experiences. Access to these incredible experiences is now at your fingertips using the Orlando Magic App, giving you the ability to customize your game experience. Use your Magic Money to upgrade your seats, to purchase food and beverage or to purchase exclusive experiences and Orlando Magic memorabilia through the Magic Marketplace. Access also comes your way throughout the season via special events and receptions, including Loyal Blue appreciation nights!


As a Loyal Blue member, you receive exclusive benefits for your commitment. Both your tenure as a season ticket holder and your level of investment are recognized and rewarded. Some of those benefits may include credit for your tickets, team shop discounts, and special gifts and experiences. Enjoy quick access into the arena with a dedicated entrance for Loyal Blue members.  Be sure to wear your lanyard to take advantage of this special access as a season ticket holder.  Wearing your lanyard will also allow you to experience special moments and exclusive privileges.  Show your Magic pride and enjoy the benefits!


As a member of Loyal Blue, you are part of a special community of dedicated Magic fans.  Get to know the season ticket holders who sit near you and connect with members who share your passion.